Greenleg Partridge Hens


A short history of greenleg partridge hens

The greenleg partridge hen is an old hen race from the region of Galicia, indigenously Polish. During the annexations of Poland, farmers bred this race not only for the delicious taste of its meat and eggs, its immunity to diseases, and good fertility, but also to demonstrate their attachment to the Polish tradition. In the middle of the 20th c. its number decreased, since it could not adapt to large-scale breeding conditions. The greenleg partridge hen tolerates only small flocks and large free space to run. These are the best conditions for it. It does not need antibiotics, thanks to which it retained its original features of a partially wild bird (half of its gens are wild). Also it does not undergo mutation and cross-breeding aimed at increasing the amount and the size of the laid eggs. This hen is the same as it was hundreds of years ago and lays the same eggs. It digs, runs and flies a lot, for which it needs a lot of energy, and it lays an egg every 2, 3 days. These features make its eggs delicious but also a little more expensive.

From all the food available to the human being, the egg has the highest bioavailability, since the human organism uses 90% of its volume. By way of comparison, from meat – which has the second-highest bioavailability, the human organism takes only 60-70%. In other words: 1kg eggs from our greenleg partridge hen (18pcs.) equals 1,5kg of the finest meat, e.g. game.


Our greenleg partridge hens farm

In spring 2013 we started to breed greenleg partridge hens. Our flock originates from the family ZS-11. We are regularly controlled by the Poviat Veterinary Surgeon in Pabianice. We took part in lectures held by poultry experts. Full of enthusiasm and optimisms, we started breeding hens.

Our eggs – eggs laid by the pure-bred greenleg partridge hens (not crosses) contain everything that is necessary for life (except vitamin C). Our goal is to make the egg as cheap as possible. Also it must be healthy, delicious and retain all values of wildlife. We achieve that goal. For a gourmet such an egg is a culinary event. Many cannot imagine a meal without them.


We offer you:

Egg class L (63-73g)
Egg class M (53-63g)
Egg class S (under 53g)

They are packed in egg boxes 10 pcs. each or egg cartons 30 pcs. each

Breeding eggs
One-day chickens (chicks)
5-,6-,7-week chickens

The healthiest eggs in Poland!

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